“Open Repository on Cultural Property”


This collection of documents since 1877 in the domain of cultural property in English is the first digital open repository following international standards and using open source software.

The “Open Repository on Cultural Property” (ORCP) provides a regularly up-dated, fully searchable, summary of policy developments and research findings across the whole community of cultural property. It covers categories of the representational statutory instruments on cultural property adopted by international organizations and Chinese authorities, including Charter, Consensus, Convention, Declaration, Guideline, Law, Manifesto, Memorandum, Pact, Principle, Promise, Recommendation, Regulation, Resolution, Statement, Statute, and Best Practices, as well as founding background documents and position references.

It aims to strengthen:

  • helping researchers thinking globally and acting locally
  • encouraging higher international cooperation and participation in the protection of cultural heritage in China
  • avoiding unintentional mistakes and inaccurate references, making a leap in analyzing know-hows macroscopically and comprehensively, and revealing the underlying mechanisms of each clause and the internal relations between them

This application was developed by Zhejiang University of Media and Communications, China. This work was supported by the National Cultural Innovation Key Project of China under grant NCIP201403.

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List of know-hows

The following list is organized chronologically:

1877 – 1904

1930 – 1939

1950 – 1959

1960 – 1969

1970 – 1979

1980 – 1989

1990 – 1999

2000 – 2009

2010 -2019


For further information on international cultural policy and legislation, please consult the following resources:

  • Phelan, Marilyn, Gary Edson and Kimberly P. Mayfield, eds. The Law of Cultural Property and Natural Heritage: Protection, Transfer, and Access (Evanston, Ill.: Kalos Kapp Press, 1998).
    • This document contains reference to a limited number of national charters and conventions for the protection of cultural heritage.
  • Burnham, Bonnie, ed. The Protection of Cultural Property, Handbook of National Legislations. (Paris: International Council of Museums, 1974).
  • Saba, Hanná and Nabil G. Salamé, eds. The Protection of Movable Cultural Property, Compendium of Legislative Texts, Volumes I and II (Paris: UNESCO, 1984). Translation of Protection du patrimoine culturel mobilier.
    • These resources contain information on the national legislation of other countries.
  • Belder, Lucky. 2013. The Legal Protection of Cultural Heritage in International Law and Its Implementation in Dutch Law.
  • Tsivolas, Theodosios. 2014. Law and Religious Cultural Heritage in Europe. Cham: Springer International Publishing. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-07932-5.
  • Waterton, Emma, and Steve Watson, eds. 2015. The Palgrave Handbook of Contemporary Heritage Research.” In , 1st editio, 1–584. Palgrave Macmillan. doi:10.1007/978-1-137-2935-6.

An initial research for “Cultural Heritage Policy Documents” was undertaken for the Getty Conservation Institute by Erica Steele.

The Web sites of these organizations can provide background information, principally responsible for these documents and links, where available, to their organizational Web sites. The starred entries also provide many full-text versions of the cultural heritage policy documents.

Legal Notices:

  • The ORCP is furnished documentations only for exchanging ideas among researchers, the use of which is all acknowledged.
  • Any materials include in the ORCP may be copied only in accordance with the copyright terms and conditions of the owners.
  • Any materials include in the ORCP may be used, modified or distributed must reproduce and retain the copyright notice and list of conditions as they appear in the source files.



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