Montréal Declaration (2003)

2016-04-09 0

Preface: The Montréal Declaration (2003) was adopted  by the 8th World Conference of Historical Cities, Montréal, Quebec, Canada, 6-8 Oct. The Declaration declare: That we recognise the formative […]


The Declaration of Melbourne (1998)

2016-02-06 4

Preface:  The Declaration of Melbourne (1998) was adopted by the third International Seminar Forum UNESCO – University and Heritage (FUUH), Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia, 4-9 Oct, 1998. […]


Charter of New Urbanism (1996)

2016-01-26 0

Preface:  The Charter of New Urbanism (1996) was adopted by the New Urbanism, San Francisco, USA, 1996. The Charter of the New Urbanism is the guiding document […]